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The 2016 TRC POSTOAK Challenge will be held February 27, 2016 and February 28, 2016

Online registration is open!

From the Race Director: 
The TRC POSTOAK Challenge started out as an idea for a nice 5K race, or maybe a 10K - or maybe both? Six years later, we have built over 18 miles of trails and put on the largest trail run in Oklahoma. Our philosophy is simple, let's run and have fun, it is a weekend party for all involved. We have the best Aid Station Sponsors you will find anywhere and they make sure you are taken care of and that you are having fun.

The best idea we ever came up with was the Double. All you have to do is run one race on Saturday and another race on Sunday. That gives a runner nine ways to double. The most popular this year was the 50K / 26.2. That's 57.3 miles of rugged trail running in two days.  The best part about the event is that everyone has so much fun. Even runners who could not compete on the second day were smiling and having a good time cheering on their friends.

The TRC POSTOAK Challenge is directed by a Volunteer Committee comprised of local runners to benefit the Tulsa Running Club. For more information or to contact the Race Director please email us at

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