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Post Oak Challenge Hill From Hell


POSTOAK Lodge Challenge Pre-Race Instructions 2019

Thank you for running The POSTOAK Lodge Challenge. We want you to have the very best trail running experience of your life, so please read all the information we have for you on this form and throughout our website.

1. Packet pickup and registration will be at Tulsa Runner, 9708 Riverside Parkway Tulsa, OK 74137, just North of the Creek Turnpike, from Monday, February 18 at 10am until Thursday at Noon. Packet pickup will reopen at the POSTOAK Lodge Friday the 20th at 6am until 8pm. Saturday will be from 6am until 8pm, Sunday 6am until 9am.

2. We will have Pasta Dinners at the POSTOAK Lodge Friday and Saturday night at 6pm. At approximately 6:45, we will give last minute race instructions and have a question and answer time. Contact the POSTOAK Lodge for Pasta Dinner Tickets. Their contact info is on our website. Their web site is

3. Please browse this website, and read all of it, especially the Q and Asection. There will be two 10k starts this year, one at 9am and one at 9:15am. If you register before February 1, 2016 you are in the 9am start, all others are in the 9:15 start. If you know you will not be running fast or for an award and would rather do the 9:15 start just show up for the 9:15 start. If you can run a 24 minute or faster 5k, you should be in the 9am start, all others should be in the second start. This way there will be little or no congestion on the trails. If you need to change races please email us at Thank you for your cooperation.

4. There will be a Drop Bag area for the Friday runners at the Pole Barn. For Saturday and Sunday 50k Ultra and 25k, 27.2m Marathon Ultra and Half Marathon only at the finish line. There are Drop Boxes at all of the Aid Stations, these are meant for the 50k and Marathon. They will not be returned to the Lodge until 2PM. If you do drop clothing items in the drop box, please claim the items before you leave the POSTOAK Lodge.

5. There is a 7am early start for the Friday 27.2m Marathon Ultra, 50k, and Sunday 27.2m Marathon Ultra. The Friday Triple races will start at the Pole Barn. Saturday and Sunday races start in front of the POSTOAK Lodge. If you do the 7am start you will get a finish time and Medallion, but you will not qualify for any awards.

6. Aid Stations are every 2 to 3.5 miles each day, each Aid Station has a wide variety of food and drink items, first aid, and a Porta Potty.

7. You can drop clothing at any Aid Station but we do not recommend it and we do not take any responsibility for your items. The Aid Stations are sponsored by outside groups and organizations.

8. We do highly recommend Trail Running Shoes and Gators for all three days.

9. Please know what color of ribbon you are supposed to follow for your race. There are six different colors of ribbon on the course. It is your responsibility to know what color to follow. All six will be on the trails all three days. The Friday 27.2m Marathon Ultra and Half Marathon route will be marked with Red ribbons; the Friday Quarter Marathon will be marked with yellow and black polka dot ribbons.  The 10k is Pink, the 25k and 50k Ultra is Green. The Sunday Quarter Marathon is blue and white checkerboard. The Sunday Half and 27.2m Marathon Ultra are Blue. If you step over or go thru Caution Tape at any time on the trails, YOU ARE LOST. If you cut across a non-cleared area from one trail to another, YOU ARE LOST. If you look up and do not see your ribbon color, back up until you find it. You should be able to see your ribbon color from anywhere on the trail.

10. The best place for family and friends to see you during the Friday Triple run is at the Pole Barn or the Shelter Aid Station. Saturday and Sunday the best place for the 25k, 50k, Half, and 27.2m Marathon Ultra is from the front of the POSTOAK Lodge. The 25k is one loop and the 50k Ultra is two loops. The Quarter and Half Marathons are all one loop, and both 27.2m Marathon Ultras are two loops.

11. We will have food and drink for you inside the POSTOAK Lodge after you finish your race. You must have your Bib on to get the food and drink.

12. Do not leave the Lodge without checking with Wayne Webster to see if you have an award coming. We will not mail, ship, or deliver any awards. If you leave the Lodge without it, you will never see it. There will a limited Awards Ceremony for the top three male and female finishers in each race. For age group awards, as soon as the Awards results are printed, every 30 minutes after the first runner is in, you can pick up your award.

13. Have more questions? Click here!

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